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Practical information


The Summer School takes place at Aalborg University, Copenhagen Campus. The AAU-CPH campus is close at the city center, and not far away from the Copenhagen Airport.


Work load

The course corresponds to 5 ECTS units. Students are advised to set-aside two weeks preparation prior to the course.

The requirements for attending the course are:

1. The Ph.D students present a paper on a subject relating to the theme of the course and their Ph.D work

2. Active participation in the course discussions

3. Reading of the course literature

4. Passing the course requires the writing of an essay of 5 to 10 pages based on questions, defined by the course organisers, relating to the main topics of the course. This essay will be evaluated and the result is pass / not pass for the student


Center for Communication, Media and Information Technologies
Aalborg University Copenhagen
A.C. Meyers Vænge 15-17,
DK-2450 Copenhagen SV, Denmark

+45 9940 2510
+45 9940 2512

Henten@cmi.aau.dk (Anders Henten)
Reza@cmi.aau.dk (Reza Tadayoni)